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Accelerating Verification Debug by 5-10X Leveraging Next-Generation, Advanced Visualization and Machine Learning.

Cogita leverages advanced visualization, Machine Learning algorithms, and unified data sources to accelerate the discovery of the root causes of design bugs. In use today at multiple leading electronic systems and semiconductor companies, the solution has been shown to accelerate debug from 5-10X over traditional, signal-level solutions on complex designs.

Up to an order-of-magnitude debug acceleration, dramatically reducing schedule and resource needs.
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Advanced visualization provides a clear understanding of design and tests, increasing verification quality & coverage
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Ideal debug solution for large- scale emulation/simulation runs, streamlining methodology on the toughest corner-case
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"Vtool allowed us to do in days what we would have otherwise taken weeks to do. It's very easy to use."

J.G, DV Manager of a large ASIC Company, under NDA

"My team is using Cogita for debugging assistance of verification environments. We found Cogita to be intuitive to use, an independent tool that does not force you to change your workflow, thus giving value in a short time."

O.C, DV Manager of an Israeli based ASIC company, under NDA

Best Paper Award DVCON MUNICH 2017

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Vtool Consulting

We're here to ensure you can converge your verification much faster, with higher quality.

Purchasing EDA tools is a powerful step forward. For a complete solution, benefit from Vtool's expert consulting and performance.

Our proven track record includes full proof verification projects for leading giants in the semiconductors and EDA industry. The Vtool team of experts, based in Belgrade Serbia and Tel Aviv Israel, provides you with the full scope of consulting, to tackle any verification task together.

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